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Holiday Sale- on Ebay- 1st Edition Toralei lot, SDCC Scarah and Hoodude, Boy lots, Nefera, Jane, Swim Holt, More!

It's that time of year! Getting some stuff out in time to make some cash for the Holidays! I'll be adding a bunch of loose dolls later this week from mine and the girls collection! I have listed now:

-Toralei loose lot (1st edition, Power Ghouls, Fearleading)

-SDCC 2012 Scarh Screams and Hoodude Voodoo MIB

-Boy lot NIB (Clawd/ Drac MF 2 pack, Heath/ Abbey 2 pack, Swim Holt, Scaris Deuce, Puma Boy add on pack)

-Swim Class Holt MIB

- Fearleading 3 Pack MIB

-Headmistress Bloodgood MIB

-Heath & Abbey MIB

-Clawd and Drac MF MIB

-I Heart Fashion Scarah

-I Heart Fashion Abbey

-Jane Boolittle

-Nefera De Nile (loose)

-Meowlody and Purrsephone Fearleading Loose

-Monster High Jersey Shirt (girls medium)

Here's the link:


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Sunday Bump!


How much for jane

Wednesday bumpers

Did you have a buy it now price for Scarah for a direct Paypal payment excluding Ebay seller fees? I know you wanted to sell, but if new or old dolls are on the holiday list, I have several dolls to trade.

I didnt have a price in mind, I also didn't need anything in trade, I think I'm going to ride the auctions out! Only 2 more days


1 day left!


only a couple hours left! I also added a bunch of loose dolls last night from the girls!


toralei is gone isnt she?

yes Toralei is gone! But I put up some more loose and packaged today!



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