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((Hey everyone! Here’s the first chapter of “High School Drama”! I hope you guys like it. Thanks so much to the amazing artists who made Brie, Raina, and Tara. (I did Tara’s hair) A new chapter will be up every Saturday. Enjoy))


Day One

I walk through the doors of monster high, completely terrified. It’s my first day and I’m the new ghoul! I look at the school map and try to find my locker.


Tara’s Locker

I finally found it! The school is a giant maze! My locker is next to a genie girl. She seems young, about 14.

I open my locker and start to put my stuff away. A girl with crazy curly hair trips over one of my books, and falls flat on her face! The genie ghoul starts laughing.

The ghoul I tripped glares at her. The genie looks scared. She shape shifts into a tiger and runs away.
“I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” I ask her. I feel so bad. She glares at me.
“Do you know who I am?!” She screams/asks me.
“No, I’m new,” I say quietly.
“I’m Eva!” She growls. “Never talk to me again! Get away from my locker.”
“But my lock…”
“Don’t talk back to me!” She yells before I get to finish. She slaps me in the face, hard.

“Ow! What is wrong with you!?!” Some other kids look over, terrified.
“Nothing! I’m perfect, unlike you! Leave!” She screams. So many people are watching.
“Fine!” I yell. I “accidently” drop my heaviest book on her foot. The growls. I walk away. Great, now everyone hates me. I wish I was in my old school.

History, 1st Period

After getting lost and walking into the wrong classroom, I find my history class. Only one seat is left, and it’s in the front. I sit down.

The teacher walks in and starts talking. She’s in her own little world. I look around the room. I think the werewolf girl is asleep…Hey that blue guy is scary cute! I better pay attention to the teacher, and stay awake…
Math, 2nd Period
This is weird, an all girls class. Three girls are bothering a vampire

“Poor Jamie,” says the ghoul sitting next to me.

“Who?” I ask.

“You’re the new ghoul, right?” She asks.
“Yeah,” I say.
“I’m Catrina. Jamie is the ginger vampire,” She says.
“I’m Tara,” I say.

“See those three ghouls?” She points at a zombie, a normie, and a sea monster. “They are some of the meanest ghouls in school. Everyone hates them. Don’t get on their bad side. The sea monster is Amanda, the normie is Brie, and the zombie is Allie” She sighs. “Oh, there’s 3 more of them, Eva, Tiffany, and Allie’s twin, Erica.”
“Is it bad if Eva and I got in a fight?” I ask nervously. Catrina’s eyes widen
“Yes, its bad!” She says. “What happened?” I tell Catrina my story. Catrina was about to say something, but got interrupted by the teacher telling us to do our preassements.
“Don’t tell me what to do!” Brie screams. Amanda and Allie laugh.
“I’m your teacher!”
“So?” Says Amanda. What is wrong with them?


Language of the Dead, 3rd Period
Language of the dead is so confusing. We have to take a preassessment soon. The teacher is getting them, so the class has a few minutes to kill. On the bright side, the guys in this class are hot!

A blond vampire passes me a note and smiles.

The note says ‘Party on Friday night! Starts at 8:00PM in the catacombs. Pass it on!” I pass the note to the guy in front of me. The teacher walks in with our preassessments.
English, 4th Period
English dragged on forever. The teacher only talked about nouns.

I pass a note to a mermaid girl. ‘Words are boring’ She giggles, writes something, and passes it back to me. ‘I agree.’ We pass notes for the rest of class.
Gym, 5th Period
Gym was so much fun! The ghouls in this class are super nice, and the guys are hot. The guys went outside to play football, and the ghouls stayed in the gym. We played soccer, well, we were supposed to, but we ended up talking the whole time. I met Eva’s twin sister, Courtney. She is super nice and hates her sister.

Where should I sit? I look around and see no sign of Eva and her mean friends. I see a table with Catrina.
“Can I sit here?” I ask.

“Sure,” says Catrina, smiling. “Everyone, this is Tara. She’s new.”

“Hey, your in my gym class!” Says Courtney, happily.
“Gym was so fun,” Raina says. I smile

“I’m Jamie,” say Jamie in a quiet voice.
“Jamie, were in the same math class,” I say with a smile.
“Cool,” She says shyly. This is pretty awkward.

“I’m Lydia,” says a girl with a British accent.

I talk to the ghouls for the rest of lunch. It’s kind of awkward. At least I’m making friends, I think.

Art, 6th Period
Right now I’m in art. We have to paint animals.

I look to my right. A ghoul is painting a fish.
“That’s really good,” I say.
“Thanks,” She says. “It’s my pet, Neptuna. I’m Lagoona”
“I’m Tara,” I say.
“That’s a pretty name.”
“SHHHH!” Says the teacher.
“Thanks,” I whisper, then I go back to painting my awkward cat.

Science, 7th Period
Guess what wonderful person is in my science class. Eva. I sigh. Science is going by so slowly. I’m a mess right now. Do I even have friends? Eva keeps glaring at me. She keeps pretending to text people to make herself seem “cool”.

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its cool i like it

this is way cool you should save up for an HD camera

Thanks :D

deborah maria aragon said:

its cool i like it

I have a good camera, but the lighting in my room is bad.

demonica clawz said:

this is way cool you should save up for an HD camera

how could you do that to frankie


So far, it's going pretty good, NAC!

I loved it great job!:)

What did I do to Frankie? O.O

ToraleiStripeLova said:

how could you do that to frankie


Thanks. Chapter 2 will be out next saturday.

Zena the Idiot Eater said:

So far, it's going pretty good, NAC!

Thank you :D

Madison Bominable said:

I loved it great job!:)
I cant wait next Saturday! :D ekkkk!!!!! :)

Thanks. Chapter 3 (in 2 weeks) will be shocking. ; )

Nikki Harrison said:

I cant wait next Saturday! :D ekkkk!!!!! :)


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