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HEY MATTEL- Can the FANS get a chance to BUY SCARAH, TOO? SDCC sighting RANT

I don't complain much....but this is RIDICULOUS....

Mattel- Are you driving up your bottom line by making the dolls scarce and allowing DEALERS privileged buying at the COMIC CON? Do you honestly think that this is BENEFICIAL to YOU?

Mattel is allowing dealers at the convention to buy Scarah before the "average joe"....that's right, THE OTHER DEALERS and their family members have privilege to buy before the public and are causing the sell outs of the (piddly 100 dolls per day) allotment of dolls. It was bad enough that people with fake and photocopied badges were allowed to buy dolls, but how do you honestly expect middle class collectors (and poor kids) to buy your DOLLS? It is marketing and advantage tactics like this that make me want to sell my entire collection and say "MONSTER BYE". 


WE AS FANS have hired an ACTUAL COLLECTOR to spend his time and money (almost $2000) to go to the Convention to help us get these dolls at a price FAR lower than Ebay. AND WE AS FANS are getting SCREWED! (pardon my french) because he has no access to the dolls.


PROOF you want?

Here's the beginning....and I will continue to upload as I get them:

Dealer #1:  (you will note that he has more than the 6 doll allotment)

and he actually COMPLAINED that he was shorted 2 dolls.....hmmmmm

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Robin bloodworth fleming

Name the city state and how many went out today

Jill Spectrafan said:

Nascarfan asked me to announce a contest from 6pm to midnight tonight. Here are the details I was given:

If you want to play in a contest...julia baum is posting facebook status on monster high doll shipping. Also look for robin fleming.

You must guess the country state or province the first to dolls went to

So now were going to get show off's... Why are they not selling them, every time a really excessive doll comes out were the one's who can't buy them!

I got the SDCC Frankie from the Justice website, she was 40 bucks....Now I havnt been able to be Ghoulia or now Scarah cause of the prices....I mean I understand exclusive event items cant be available to EVERYONE but why not at least have enough for left over for online stock?


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