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 Hey there, I am from the UK :) I am 14, and used to use this sight all the time when I was a bit younger. I decided to stop doll collecting as my parents and brother always said I was too old for it. I am thinking about ordering more dolls for my collection but I doubt my dad would approve of it. My brother always made fun of me for collecting dolls so my mum used to secretly buy them for me xD. Now even my mum seems to think I'm too old for them -.-

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Aww, I'm really sorry to hear that.

what you need to think about is how important dolls are to you, how happy it makes you and how much you want to do it.

don't listen to what any what else says, don't worry about what they think, I know they are your family so it might be a hard but if you talk to them about it and try to get them to understand and be on the same page as you maybe in time they will get used to it and see that it's bringing them no harm.

it's your life you have to live it the way you want and do what makes you happy otherwise you will end up regretting it.

your still young but you still have the right to enjoy your life and your youth, be strong and good luck I hope things go well for what ever you decide to do.


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