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Hi were new to the dolls and have one we cant identify. Is there a place post a pic and get help?

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i will be able to help. post a pic :)

I dont see a way to post a pic...

in the comments section theres this little box thing text you the other square that says "link"

click that, then upload a file and i can help

As soon as I can get a pic I'd like some help too. 

I bought a nude Ghoulia which I think might be a Scaris but not sure.  The hair was a mess, but when I separated out the shorter pieces in front, they seemed to suggest it might be that doll.  As soon as I know what she is I can style her hair appropriately. 

Regretfully my camera batteries are dead, so I need to get some before I can take a pic. 

Well, I got my answer about my mystery Ghoulia.  I found pics of all the Ghoulias without glasses, so I could see her eye makeup, and her makeup definitely belongs to Scaris Ghoulia.  

she has bats on her shoes, hair barrett, and necklace.. so maybe those are bat wing on her legs? her hair also comes off and her hands/arms...

You will find her here:

She is from one of the Create-A-Monster sets.  The set comes with parts to put together your own doll.  This one is part sea monster (the fins on her legs and her blue color) and a vampire.

You can find all sorts of info on the Monster High Wiki.  It's a great source.  Click on the tab labeled "Merch" (merchandise) for histories and pictures of all the dolls.



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