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Help: Neice wants monster high dolls, which line is best to being with?

My three year old niece is fascinated with my monster high dolls and asked me today if I would buy her one to play with (mine stay in a display case) but can anyone suggest which line is the best for a younger child? I was considering a skulltimate rollermaze doll as there isn't a lot of accessories with them that she would easily misplace and are only abour £10. Any suggestions much appreciated x

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You could always glue the hands in lol. But yeah... but fragile for a 3 year old. My eldest used to play with mine when he was about 3, but he was supervised and told to be careful. he liked Lagoona especially for some reason hahah. "Goona" as he called her. Adorable.

Anyway, i'd go with a budget line that's plentiful and cheap in your area. So one of the slim box ones.

Alternately, there's the plushies? heh

She'd always be supervised whilst playing with it either by myself or her mum. Which lines are the budget ones?

purple_monkfish your little one calling her Goona, that's adoroable! n.n

The only budgest dolls near me are rollermaze and music festival, I forgot about the plushies!!! I always see them once then they disappear from local shops :( If I find a Draculaura one ( or Dwaculala as my neice calls her) then that would be the best option x

I'm a little wary of a 3 year old with a MH doll due to all the little bits, but, if she insists on a doll, the Roller Maze dolls do sound like a reasonably more safe-ish doll to buy amongst most of the lines out there. The plushies are a good option too, they're pretty cute~ :)

I think 3 years old is a bit too young for such dolls. If you don't invest too much and not take any risk until she's old enough to take proper care of the dolls and not be a danger to herself with the tiny pieces, I'd recommand the cheapest line of all: Ghoul Spirit.

The Cleo Frights Camera Action basic doll might be good.  She is also affordable and a good starter in my opinion.  You can just take off her accessories (like belt, purse, headdress, etc.) and leave her in just her dress and shoes.  She is very pretty and her hair is very silky and doesn't frizz up right away like some of the others from the line, which is very nice to touch and since 3-year-olds are still developing their sensory processing it might be nice for her to play with.  I would glue in what I could though (like the hands) just in case.  Better safe than sorry I always say and I'm glad you are going to play dolls with her and supervise her.  You sound like an awesome aunt!


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