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Mattel hasn't been answering any of my e-mails the last 2 weeks
about new dolls for blog review.
I tried to contact mattel USA but they refused to speak to me after they
found out I was from Europe :\

So I hope I can find some people here that are willing to help me get a few,
because I'm in Europe and it will take a while for them to hit the shelves here
being a bit of an underdog doll.

This is my blog

I am looking for the dance class, picture day and scaris dolls.
Please tell me if they are sold near you and what the prices are.

Dolls will be given away in fun competitions after they been reviewed.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading,

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Nice website Nadine! Is it OK if I link to some of your reviews from my Monster High website? I'm trying to get all Monster High dolls on there, with a short review (needs loads more writing but it just takes soooo much time aargh! lol) but I can put a link to your review somewhere on the dolls page :)


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