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Help a Ghoul Out? WTB/WTT/WTS *Revamped with DOTD Lagoona + more 10/26*

~~REAVAMPED Oct. 5th!~~

Mattel is coming out with too many things at once and I don't have the funds (or the space XD) for all the dolls they're releasing. But there are certain pieces that I want for my MH scrapbook and for custom dolls I have planned. So, if anyone has these pieces, please let me know! I'd really like to get just these without having to buy a whole doll for them.

Also, if you're interested in any of the things below but don't have anything off my Want List, feel free to offer something! I'm open to offers on everything!



- DISNEY TRADING PINS! The ones found at Disneyland/World. I collect mainly anything Peter Pan related, as well as any Maleficent or Zero (Nightmare Before Christmas) pins.


- Skull Shores Draculaura sailor hat 

- Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta necklace

- Wave 2/School's Out Cleo's black tights (the ones with detachable wraps, but I just need the tights)

- Bratz Treasures (pirate) or Princess (royal line) clothes or accessories

- Toralei's fashion pack shirt

- These Moxie Teenz boots (Don't know if they're Tristen's or Arizona's)


- Gloom Beach 5-pack card

- Fashion pack cards (Frankie Ghoul Spirit, Club Clawdeen)

- Scaris Diaries (Frankie, Clawdeen, Rochelle)

Have - 

DOLLS - Most of these dolls are in excellent condition, having been displayed in a glass case since I deboxed them. Pretty much all of them have great eyes and makeup, as I'm particular about making sure my display dolls look good. However, some I either got used from my little sister or broke on me due to Mattel quality control. Individual problems are noted; if you wish for a closer picture or anything, just ask. If shown with accessories, they come with them. Shoot me an offer for them.

~ Dead Tired Wave 1 Clawdeen

~ Dawn of the Dance Lagoona 

- Dead Tired Draculaura (Wave 1) 

- Gloom Beach Ghoulia (missing earrings)

- Dawn of the Dance Cleo (missing jewelry, and had hair restyled)

- Dawn of the Dance Deuce

- Werewolf Sister 2-Pack Clawdeen (missing bracelets) 

- School's Out/Wave 2 Clawdeen (small mark on lip from box)

- Skull Shores Abbey 

- Classroom/Mad Science Lagoona
- Forbitten Love/School's Out/Wave 2 Draculaura

- School's Out/Wave 2 Cleo 


- Gloom Beach Clawdeen

- Skull Shores Lagoona

- Forbitten Love/School's Out/Wave 2 Draculaura (hair taken down from pigtails) 

- Gloom Beach Cleo (arm peg broken; otherwise in excellent condition)


Lockers: All are clean, and all but one have their skull lock. Two are missing the little hook from the inside. (1 Locker Sold) (Lockers Pending)

- Basic Toralei's jacket, belt, and purse 

- Basic Ghoulia's pants

- Basic Deuce's glasses 

- Skull Shores B&W Frankie suit, wrap, and shoes

- Gloom Beach Cleo's suit, arm and leg wraps, shoes, fan and glasses (1 pair left) (Glasses pending)

- Basic Clawd's hat

- School's Out Cleo's top, skirt, belt, leg and arm wraps, and purse 

- Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen invite

- Wave 1 Lagoona's Hoodie

- Classroom/Mad Science Lagoona pants, labcoats (2), gargoyle eggs (2), notebooks (2) (notebook and eggs pending) 

- Gloom Beach Clawdeen's swimsuit and glasses

- Wave 1 Clawdeen shirt

- School's Out/Wave 2 Clawdeen purse

- Day at the Maul Clawdeen purse and belt

- C.A. Cupid's purse

- Forbitten Love/SO/Wave 2 Draculaura purse

- Classroom/Physical Deaducation Ghoulia glasses (Pending)

- Wave 1 Draculaura earrings (one peg torn off, but still holds in the ear)

- Abbey Fashion Pack purse

- Gloom Beach Frankie purse

- Skull Shores Abbey ice treats (2) (Pending)

- Skull Shores Lagoona drink

- Fashion Pack Frankie pie slice (Pending)

- Fashion Pack Spectra magazine

- Dead Tired Draculaura DVD (Wave 1) (Pending)

- Fashion Pack Toralei snacks 

- Basic Clawd's diary

- Forbitten Love/SO/Wave 2 Draculaura's diary

- Basic Operetta diary

- Basic Abbey diary

- Basic Spectra diary

- MH bookmarks (4)

- C.A. Cupid Sweet 1600 card

- Gloom Beach Cleo postcard

- Classroom/Mad Science Lagoona sticker sheets (2 different ones)

- Dawn of the Dance Frankie invite

All the items I have are from a smoke-free home and have been used very little, if at all. I've done numerous transactions on here, all with great feedback, and I can use Paypal. Most of my feedback on can be found in here:

If there's anything specific you want a closeup of, let me know.

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What are  you asking for Basic Deuce's glasses?

I would happily trade you my Rochelle Scaris diary for your 2 pack sister Clawdeen.



I'm sorry, but I don't see that as an equal trade. I might be willing to sell though. :)

Tessa Graves said:

I would happily trade you my Rochelle Scaris diary for your 2 pack sister Clawdeen.



Were you still looking for ss draculaura's little sailor hat?

I'm interested in Deuce's glasses. How much would you like for them? I can do payment or payment and diaries. I have the three you want.
I am interested in your lockers I am willing to pay for them thank you.


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