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Hello everyone, I'm Spectra A. Yelps. I have 33 regular Monster High Dolls, 4 broken one's (3 of which I fixed) and 24 create-a-monsters, so a total of 60. I also have 3 novi stars, and want some ever after high dolls. I also love anything else weird, creative and funny. I live in Austin, Texas, and I hate cowboy stereo types about Texas.

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Hello there, adores.

P.S. Sorry but I can't turn off the auto-correct ( I'm on mobile), I didn't mean to misspell your name.
adora said:

Hi :-)
Welcome to the forum!

I saw your thing so thank you and welcome back. ;)

GimmeAllOfYourToys&NoOneGetsHurt said:

Welcome to the forum!

HI! Welcome! see you around!!


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