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I'm 18 years old and I have a problem.... a monster high addiction lol. I only started collecting 1 week ago. I've always loved the dolls-since i was 13 but I was to embarrassed to buy them.... I'm over it lol. Like I said it's been 1 week and I already own 18 dolls 1 purse and 3 puzzles and have spent 100's of dollars. But I'm officially cut off for about 2 weeks-which is reasonable. It all started with scaris Catrine DeMew then picture day Draculaura then Catty Noir then first waves Deuce and Cleo (Not the rereleases) and well it kept going lol. I absolutely love these dolls and the web shows. And that's all I have to say. So hi! :)

Oh an I also own 3 of the playsets (13 wishes spectra + party room, 13 wishes cleo + oasis, and cleo's vanity) :)

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Oh and thought I'd let you all know they are having a buy 1 get one half sale on monster high dolls at Yes I did take advantage of this lol.

Do not feel bad... me and my 2 daughters started collecting only since christmas.... and we already have 85 dolls.... this does include eah as well though... and does not count the 9 or 10 we still have shipping to us lol... I suppose I should cut myself off as well but I just can't do it haha
So I'm not alone, my daughter and I started collecting in December 2013, and we have 80 plus dolls. That's not including my eBay, amazon, and try purchases. My husband says I have an addiction as well.

Well it's good to know I'm not alone. :) Oh by the way the "cut off" thing failed. LOL I officially own 10 more dolls. So make that 28. xD I'm catching up to you two! haha 


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