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Hello Ghouls,
My Name is VampireIdle feel free to call me Vamps. And I am obsessed with Monster High everything, Monster High Dolls, Monster High Movies, Monster High Stop Animation, Monster High Webisodes. Honestly everything.

a little bit more about me and what I am doing:
I am currently 21 years old, engaged and a mother of 1 15 year old cat. I am a YouTuber that has the pleasure to collect dolls on my channel and unbox them.

My Hobbies are:
Collecting Dolls (dun dun duuun) & playing lots of Video Games. 

I actually got into Monster High 2 years ago because a subscriber was asking me to play one of the Games on the Wii. I generally google before I play games and found Monster High on YouTube, I immediatly fell in love with it after watching a few episodes and still am in love with it to this day.

I started collecting Dolls last year November and my first doll was Elissabat. I also have some Ever After High Dolls but after hearing that EAH got discontinues I will no longer purchase the dolls as I also figured that MH has more higher quality Dolls.

I currently own 21 Dolls with hopefully more to come in the future ♥

I would love to make some friends that are also into Monster High & Collecting Dolls ^-^

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Hi! Welcome to the site! I'm notacatNAC

Hello! Thank you its nice to meet you (:

Hi, Vamps,

Welcome! I think that it's cool that you're both a Monster High fan and a gamer, too. 

Elissabat is one cool doll. My first Monster High doll was....Mouscedes, and I got her last Easter.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf


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