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Thats not the worse part, I had to go outside and get it. I told my dad.Normal expresstion: Eyes wide with alarmed look.Yep thats him, he keeps me away from the world because when my Goddess Mother Died ( well only half died shes in hiding but she did have a heart attack ) Monsters thought I went down with her.If anyone knew I was alive, Monsters will be out to get my family.He doesnt even know I have friends back at monster high.Draculaura and i are close, We are so close im not on her BMFF ( Best Monster Friend Forever )

part of her profile, that's how much secretcy I have to Have.That reminds me of near Valentines Day.....

I was going to get somthing from Cupids Radio Tower, When I heard the door knob frooze and broke.I quickly hid under Cupids desk.Accidently hitting the ON AIR.Button.When I heard the ringing sound, I frooze.Two Ghouls Frankie and Abby turned around I was dead!Thankfully they went up to table and didnt notice me!"Eh..Cupid?" said a boy voice."This is Abby, Cupid not here."Abby said."I cant talk to this girl, I dont know what to do!" "Dont Waste your time on flowery gifts say hello I like you do you like me?" "Eh ok" he hang up.Boy, could Abby talk by the time I got out a hour had passed.

Anyway's....My dad  said in a long speech:"You cant all get cupid to do it Know one can know your here!" "But!" I said."No Buts you know what happened a long time ago,Even with your time Necklace  Centura Time gave you , im afraid you'll be seen and reconized!"Centura!She could help!I flew up to Dad with my magic flying powder, and kissed him on the cheeck."Dad thanks for the idea!"

I climbed my tower stairs typing on my pink Icoffin: 555-7894.I heard the other end pick up."W'ell oh?"Centura said in her soft brittish acient."Centura!"I said."Oh Roh s!" "Can you do me a Favour?" "Sha er, What yo ow whaa ent?" As I pulled out my Heart Skullette key to unlock my door I gave in full details, What I wanted and when I wanted them."So you got that?" My door opened, " Yee ep, Can you oh he elp?" There was Centura holding a big bag of stuff." I should've known you would have known you would use time stop magic."She came in and talked well I made love potions.So this Day turned out good after all besides Centura getting a lil sick from potions. See you Later :RoSe  Of LoVe. (  check out Centura Profile created by:JackandDanny'sgirl) Pages will be countinued!Bye!

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