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I'm a long time lurker that finally got up the nerve to join a couple days ago! I have been collecting Monster High since last July and have around 80 Monster high dolls and about 100 dolls. I collect EAH, Disney, Nova, Pinkie and action figures as well. I'm a southern California collector who enjoys going to stores to get my dolls and i am the kind of collector to take 98% of my dolls out of box (I have like 4 still in box). I hope to talk with a lot of other collectors here and just have a blast C:

I am on tumblr too! my main blog is Ghostasaurusrex and my doll blog is Dollworks

Now i haven't fully introduced myself by name because I am not 100% sure of what username I want to go with. This is where I'm gonna need some help as most likely this is what I will change my tumblr doll blog to as well. I am a big big BIG dinosaur lover and want to incorporate that in that like I did with Ghostasaurusrex. I've been brainstorming ones and I have

Dollasaurus(I like this one least because it to close to Ghostasaurus),




The part where you can help me out is by telling me your favorite amongst those names or suggesting on as well,Thank you!

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Welcome I like dollasaurus

Thank you! I don't don't like dollasaurus, I just don't like how to close to my username for other stuff sadly :c but still thank you for the imput

thrifty dolly said:

Welcome I like dollasaurus

Welcome. But username is kinda private thing haha). The main thing for you to like it yourself.


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