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Hello everyone. I am fairly new to this site.
I am a HUGE Monster High Doll fan and MY DAUGHTER HATES ME FOR IT! I was always a Barbie Collector and when I first saw MH hit shelves I had to have them all. Just recently my very creative soon to be 9 year old daughter decided she wants to attempt to recreate and custom monster high dolls. The MOST interesting part about it is she is most interested in starting them from nude, broken or dolls that are incomplete or missing pieces.
Thank you everyone for reading my "rant" and i appreciate all the kind and very helpful members i have already had the chance to meet. I look forward to speaking with many more.
I am always looking for NEW and interesting things when it comes to monster high.

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Yes I am very excited about it. Thank you!
Welcome to club Sammy :)
Let us know how your daughter gets on with the repaints, I want to try it but have no idea where to start :S

Fangtastic to meet you! We (my daughter and I started collecting together a couple years much fun)

You 2 will fit in perrrfectly here!


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