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Greetings to all! 

My name is LoverOfMH. I'm not new to the site I've been around since 2012. I've collected monster high dolls every which way I could. All the dolls, all the outfits, every CAM, all play sets, all the movies, all the webisodes,  etc. I truly loved and enjoyed monster high until . . . the reboot. After the reboot I went silent on the forum since my views were not positive.  I still read the forums in hopes of a different perspective to change how I felt about the reboot. I even purchased a few of the reboot dolls but, returned all of them. They were strangers to me.

In an effort to free up some space in my home,  I sold everything I had that was NIB, dolls, fashion packs, play sets, etc. and kept the SDCC dolls NIB. I selected my favorite characters from my loose dolls and sold the remaining loose dolls and outfits. A few items remain in my collection. I love the dolls that I kept. In an effort to revitalize my passion for Monster high, I am redressing them in custom fashions from designers on Etsy and restyling they hair. Also occasionally, I'll remove some makeup if their faceup is overly dramatic (freak du chic line). When we enjoy something we have to relive the beauty inner and outer that captured our passion. Somewhere along the line Mattel changed what we enjoyed but the love can never be destroyed. To ALL the ghouls and mansters that make your story lines, themes, art, fashions and ooak items continue to be inspired and inspire others. 

Merry Christmas and Blessings to you all. 

Ps(I'll post some photos of my reincarnated lovelies in the photos forum within the coming week. )

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I know how you feel.

Have a great Christmas too!


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