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Hello everybody. My name is Nat and me and my family all are MH lovers. We took it serious and for the last 3 years collected over 130 dolls. Haha I dont know how much we have yet cause now I am with part of new dolls we bought in US, but in another country we also have a house with the rest of i didnt count yet. Sorry for the mistakes I ll make here for sure but english is my 2nd language. I very much love this forum and my husband look it with the child for a lot of interesting information, but as a guest. As for myself, I love to be a part of it. Thank you for your wonderfull work and interesting discussions.
My favorite personality is Draculaura cause she is so funny and cute and tiny. Basic doll of her for me is the best one. My favorite boy is Deuce cause he is so sexi and unpredictable. My favorite new doll is Ghoulia inspired by Draculaura from FF collection. She is awesome and the best Ghoulia for me.
Thank you for having me here and all the best to everybody.

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Welcome Nat. I'm a mom too. It's always nice to see another parent on the board.
We all are sharing the hobby's of our children...or maybe they are sharing ours??? Haha))) I sometimes cant understand who love MH more in my family-me or my child. But my husband knows much more then we I really dont know...Thank you Cece for support. U r really nice.)


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