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Hey!  I've been a casual fan of Monster High for the past three years and recently have incentive to become more of a fan.  I'm seeing someone whose daughter is a big Monster High fan, and though we don't know each other yet, I'm sure that's soon and I'd like us to have things in common. 

I chose Nefera as my username for personal reasons.  I'm a young adult who feels like her peak was about age 17, and here I am at 23 still not having found my place yet.  I hope I'm getting there.  I also have some anxiety issues and a younger sister, though I hope I'm a decent older sister.  My sister is in college now.  I feel so old and so young at the same time!

I talk about myself a lot sometimes, so bear with me on that. 

Let's see, I bought Catty Noir today as a gift for the girl I mentioned.  I'm now waiting for the right time to ask about giving her a gift!  Someone in the chat mentioned buying accessories for gifts as a suggestion, which is definitely a suggestion I'll take.

I'm looking forward to 13 Wishes.  The TV specials are awesome, love them.

Well, nice to meet you all and I hope to make new friends here.

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Hello! Welcome to MHD :3

There's a great atmosphere on this site so I'm sure you'll meet new people and make friends quickly!




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