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Hello again my fellow MH'ers! I've missed you! I thought I should throw a question out there for everyone. I still haven't seen Heath and Abbey here in MN, and am wondering if anyone has found them yet? I know it sounds shallow of me, but I'm somewhat concerned that I'll miss out on them altogether! Haha. =P
Anyone selling them for store price plus shipping/handling? If not, anyone have a guess when we'll start seeing them? I probably just need to be patient, eh?

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I'm in the same boat. In central Florida none of the stores that I know of have gotten them in. I talked to a toys r us employee today and they never know what they're getting until the day before the truck. But she did say that distribution was reordering a lot of dolls. Target guy was more helpful (I call and bug him twice a week at least), said within the next 4-6 weeks they getting new stuff. So hopefully those of us who have yet to see them on shelves will. :) dunno if any of this helps you.

I heard there was some issues with Heath's hand getting stained by the mitten and a head glue leak so wondering if the company is fixing those issues and than will flood the market with them?

I hope it floods my area soon so I don't have to pay $50+ for them >./body>
Have you been checking Amazon? Every few days they will pop to regular price, that is where I got my set. And yes the oven mit does stain his hand but not too bad.

This is helpful! Thank you! Honestly I don't really care if Heath's hand gets stained....I'd rather just have him! :))

Yeah I've been checking amazon! No luck.... =P

Thanks everyone!


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