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I can't paint my dollies till it gets a little warmer outside for spraying, so I'm stuck with sewing and and head shrinking experimentation till then.

As much as I love Monster High dolls, personally I prefer a less bobble headed look so I thought I'd give some head shrinking a try. I've read several pages about other people's experiments and I'm still in the middle of more of my own experiments, but I think I've come up with some pretty nice results so far! Well, I like them at least lol.

The thinner parts of the vinyl shrink more than thicker parts which ends up exaggerating/enhancing a sculpt's features, which personally I rather like. I believe you can experiment with various things during shrinking to alter the shape though, like inserting stuffing inside the head to keep parts from shrinking too much, and padded grips to pinch parts. Still experimenting. 

My tutorial page will be periodically updated over the next few weeks as I discover more, but here's a link:

And some results:

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Those look nice! I though they'd look odd but I like how they look.
Have you tried this with Ever After High dolls?

Yep! I have some pics near the bottom of my experiment page here:

Still experimenting with them though which is why I haven't posted them yet.

wow you just changed the whole playing field! I'll definitely be following you through this experiment

I've done lots and lots and lots more head shrinking, so I've got a whole new wealth of information on the subject. But I won't be updating my official page on it for a bit longer. Going to wait till my first batch of slow-shrunk heads is fully cured and finished before I do that.

One thing I started doing was compression shaping heads while they are shrinking and drying. When they have mostly shrunk, but before they harden, I use a vise, and some cardboard and stuffing to arrange things to compress the head into the desired shape as it is drying. I like slimmer heads and sharper features, so I like to slim the jaw on most dolls. Here's a few set up pics:

And a few comparisons between slow shrunk and fast shrunk heads:

Wow, these look great, can't wait to try it out, the new head size looks so much nicer imho :)

However, I have one question, you will have about 500 ml of Acetone, how do you dispose of that after use? As "hazardous" material, it cannot be poured into the drain, can it? o_O

its so weird how it shrink the heads without damaging them. O.o

thanks both of you ^_^

I finished the tutorial for shrinking here:


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