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I was wondering if anyone else had any dolls with flaws in them. I have trouble spotting face mistakes so now I look really hard at their faces before I buy them, but if their hair is messed up that's what really gets my attention.

I have a wave one Draculaura whose face is kind of messed up and her bangs look terrible, but at the time I wasn't that interested in her so I wasn't paying much attention.

The other big flaw I have in a doll (though I'm happy about it. It makes her seem special,) is my gloom beach Clawdeen, She has two left hands. I got her in the five pack with Ghoulia so I was paying more attention to how the Ghoulia looked than anything else, so imagine my surprise when I was taking them out of the box and Clawdeen was a double lefty! lol

Anyone else have any atrocious mistakes? or fun ones?

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I'm pretty lucky ^_^ I have bought no flawed dolls at all :) I think it's because I have awesome skill at spotting things...

But, I have seen flawed dolls. I saw an Abbey doll with her face literally plastered in the thickest layer of glitter ever >.< that was one of the strangest, another one of the strangest- a Toralei with no stripes in her hair O_O I couldn't believe that. Other flaws i've seen were minor, like wonky eyes, dodgy hair or broken boxes (does that count?)

My fearleading Ghoulia has a bent pinky.  It looks like she broke it.  My Gloom Beach Cleo has grey eyes.

Class room Ghoulia's glasses have major paint smudges on the lenses and it drives me crazy <.< All of my other dolls are pretty amazing as far as paint and joints go. I have become obsessive with picking out the best one though. Oh my Nefera does have a crappy stand, it doesn't connect at the bottom so I just broke out the super glue.

I have that as well! I think it's so she can hold her flag properly.

Alley Kat said:

My fearleading Ghoulia has a bent pinky.  It looks like she broke it. 

My Gloom Beach Clawdeen from the 5 pack had 2 left hands too. I learned to look for that because my Dead Tired Cleo had the same problem, but the reason you wouldn't notice it in the 5 pack is because her frisbee covers what should be the right hand. But all the other 5 packs I saw that day, Draculaura was missing the heart on her cheek.

Other than that, my only other big issue is my original Abbey. I was just so excited to actually find her that I didn't really look closely, but her eyes are just slightly too far to the left, with one hitting the edge of her nose.

it is funny because my Spectra has exactly the same mistake.

Aletha said:

My Skull Shores Lagoona's arm is messed up. It's sort of a left/right cross, and bent weirdly. Yeah- iz warped. -.-

My basic Ghoulia has two left hands and her joints are super floppy but it makes her great for cuddles. Also my Cupid had some hair stuck to her face that had to be carefully picked off and some lumpy slightly sharp seams that I sanded down with the high-quality extrafine sandpaper I got for my bjd.

My daughter and I noticed that the Cleo and Duece sets at Big Lots or Dollar Stores are not right.  Cleo's eye makeup.... the makeup that is supposed to be eye-shadow is actually printed half on her eyeball, and half on her eye-lid. Cleo's hair seems cut wrong, and the tinsill looks greyish instead of gold.  Duece's plastic seems to be very thin, and 90% of the time he was missing his glove.  We've seen many of these, and I'm wondering if that's why they were able to sell them cheaper than the bigger stores.

I have no serious problems but my DatM Draculaura has this  random black circle on her neck and my SO Clawdeen has a little bit of smudged makeup 

I've got a Spectra that has a lazy eye. It was a present, so I couldn't get another one.

OMG! My custom doll, orginally fearleading draculaura came with a bent pinky.

Alley Kat said:

My fearleading Ghoulia has a bent pinky.  It looks like she broke it.  My Gloom Beach Cleo has grey eyes.


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