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Incase anyone needs her spotted haunted Spectra on the website at $14.99

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About time, gosh it's taken a long time for this doll to hit the US. Looks like no playset then huh? It was a pretty dumb playset.

Bet a lot of people are relieved.


Ooh yes she shall be mine on payday... :)

yay i actually wanted the play set but at least i can get the doll.


Any word if the playset with doll is coming? Or is it the doll separate and play set separate? Hopr that made sense.

i walked into my local tru this morning and 2 spectra's was there..they also had basic boo york dolls..clawdeen,drac and operetta..

Thanks for the info! I only found one Spectra in stores and wanted another to keep in box. I got her for $12 plus shipping :)
Seems like she's sold out online :( I guess I'm going to have to hope I find her at TRU when I go tomorrow or wait until she comes back in stock...Always happens before I get paid. :(

out of stock online JonnyϟLightning

Has her faceup and face actually changed from the UK version?

yes and it's not very cute 

I still like her, but I wish that we had all gotten the international version. :(

The new version looks very pretty but the original, international one looks more fierce and demands to be admired.


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