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I finally found a Haunted Spectra at the ShopKo in Salem, OR today. Her face is different :( round and weird in some way I can't put my finger on.

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Thanks for the heads up. I think Shopko is one of the only places I haven't checked.

The guy I asked said they weren't getting anymore in :( But I'm having my mom check often for me anyway.

You may luck out.

damn nearest shopko in calif is 4 hrs away..not for spectra i

I feel you. The nearest one to me now is about an hour away. But I'm in that town every week visiting my parents anyway, so not too bad for me.

Could you post a pic of her?

Here's one that I took in the store with Dead Tired Spectra and one with just Haunted
Not sure why it didn't do both pictures

I still think she's pretty, but she just doesn't look like Spectra. Aside from the round face mold, the eye shape looks off, as do the eyebrows and the nose (But that may be the angle)...Plus a few other things I can't put my finger on. 

EDIT: I just found THIS photo on Flickr, and this doll definitely looks like Spectra. Are there different versions of this doll?

Maybe there's an international version with different make up?

Assuming I'm looking at the right images, yes, it appears they've made her cheekbones less pronounced for this line.  She's beautiful but doesn't look like Spectra to me.  It's weird because the movie it's based on preserves her rough cheekbones, so I've no idea why they would change it for this.

This is not the first Spectra to have a round face. They did this with Picture Day Spectra, Ghouls Night Out Spectra and Ghoul Sport Spectra. I dislike the round facemold too. She looks so much more bootiful with the original gaunt cheekbones. Can you imagine how splendid Ghouls Night Out Spectra would have been with the gaunt cheekbones?

I don't even know why they changed her face mold to the rounder one, what was wrong with the original mold? I agree, Ghoul's Night Out Spectra would look SO much better with the original gaunt cheekbones. 

Back onto the original topic, I'm happy to hear that Haunted Spectra is finally in the US! That gives me a glimmer of hope that she might come to other stores too.


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