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Is anybody still finding haunted spectra?

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Me today ... but i am in Germany

I found two in the U.S. at Toys r Us but it's the different face that people hate. I like her since I paid $10.99.

is she playset or solo? 


I found her today at a TRU in Illinois.  I wonder how long they'll continue shipping Getting Ghostly dolls now that the new lines are showing up?

I found her around 2 months ago here in Austria in store called Vedes. She was 26€. I have never seen her in ToysRUs which I find ridiculous since she is a main Haunted character so to my logic she should arrive just like the rest of the dolls. Also I don't think she will ever come with a playset, to me looks like to idea was abandoned.

I have an 8 year old who wants to know why I don't have the main character from the haunted movie. That is the one she is really wanting. It is very frustrating.

Hey if someone needs Haunted Spectra please let me know I found some of her in her beautiful International version...

Wow :-) A Spectra Army. Where are you located?

I'm in Mexico if you are interested check the buy, sell, trade section :)

Thanks Vik ... but I got mine since March. I am from Germany and we got her early :-) But Thank you


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