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I know people have strong opinions about things, but I recently saw a group called something like  I Hate Hannah Montana. 

I would rather not bump into such things here and wondered about the rules when it comes to groups.  I looked but didn't find anything- which does not mean it is not here- just that I couldn't find it. 


There are some really cool people here- fun, nice and even wicked in a good way- but I draw the line at hate.  Seems like there is enough of that without promoting it here.


Thanks for listening :)


PB Ray

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So, there is more than what I saw...?   :( 


  Thank You for commenting :)

That really surprises me. 

You can't show a nude doll but its fine to hate someone and have marked up photos of them in your group.


I left a note on Stu's profile page.  Maybe he will see it?

Thank You.  I'll give that a try :)

I guess hate is okay here.  It is a shame. 

Yah totally hate is horrible! If that person has nothing nice to say then just don't cause well it is really rude and well kinda hurtful to some people (example: say a girl named Amanda likes Avril Levine and then when she is searching for AV fan sites she happens to run into a hate group saying stuff like "people who like AV are total idiots and well like we should hate them more than AV!" and then all the other people agree with that comment than that would really hurt Amanda and lower her self esteem!!!!) 


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