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Hasbro wants you to teach your child that they should WAIT to pee? What the HECK?


The latest Baby Alive doll, Potty Dance, kind of seems weird to me, because....Hasbro wants to teach your child that they should wait to pee? What the heck? That's just....not healthy! Shouldn't a young child at least be encouraged to say, "Pee!" when they first realize that they have to go? I mean, seriously....

<Disappears into a shadow, hoping that Hasbro hasn't already encouraged any little kids to just hold it and do the "Potty Dance" until Mom and Dad notice.>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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having potty trained 3 kids, they cannot hold it. Like, physically cannot do it. If they scream "I gotta pee" and you don't get them immediately to a bathroom or a hedge, you get pee all over the floor instead. Heck, sometimes you get pee en route to the toilet because they realised too late and just can't stop it.

Small children literally CANNOT hold pee in.

It's such a messy process omg.


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