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Hasbro's response to Monster High - Equestria Girls *see the dolls!*

Edit 2:  See the dolls!  Draw your own conclusions.

(Also, please note that these are apparently early prototypes and may not represent the final dolls.)

Edit:  Have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.

Mattel is one of the industry leaders in the toy manufacturing business.  Although not as large, Hasbro is also one of the top companies, and the two often find themselves in direct competition for the customer dollar.

I've been surprised over the past couple years as Monster High has grown in the Girl's Fashion Doll category, that Hasbro hasn't come out with anything with a similar tack to try to grab onto some of the sales following the trend.  Mattel's prime competition in the category remains MGA and Jakks Pacific, two companies that are infinitely smaller.

I thought that Jem was going to be Hasbro's foray back into Girl's Fashion Dolls, since they had a display of vintage product out at San Diego Comic Con back in 2011 with promises of more news to come; but that news ended up being that Hasbro sub-licensed Jem to a higher-end doll company to make collector-grade dolls of the retro characters - not a relaunch for the toy shelves of today.

(You can see the dolls here:

They are fantastic, but expensive!)

Instead of Jem, it looks like Hasbro is going to double down on their most popular girl's property, My Little Pony to invent a new competitor in the Girl's Fashion Doll category.  At Toy Fair 2013, Hasbro revealed "Equestria Girls," a new animated series that they've also filed trademarks for under ""Dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories."

Here's a teaser image of the series, which features the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" as technicolor human girls going to a high school.

The parallels to Monster High are pretty evident in the body shapes, high heels and setting for the show.  What do you think?  Are you excited to see Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the girls on the shelves next to Monster High?

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here is a review from bins toy bin on youtube for standard pinkie pie they also have a freview for deluxe fluttershy in my opinion they are very cute for my five year old who is a huge fashion doll and mlp fan so for her this is perfect :)



I want these dolls!

I received my orders yesterday and these are very very cute.. Deluxe set  both Rainbow dash and Fluttershy are awesome

mystery101 said:

the doll are very ugly. 

i still think they are ugly and cheap. i prefer pony version any day. i am pretty sure hasbro will stop making the dolls in a year.  eqg dolls won't be able to compete with mh or eah dolls. 

@mystery101 I don't think that is very fair to say about the questria girls  I think they stand a fair chance and not everyone is crazy over just one doll barnd in my house we buy a lil biet of everhting my daughter had passed on  a lot of mh lines due to her not liking them so I think its nice to have other options the only new mh dolls we have purchases this summer has been the thirteen wishes line  and classroom two packs  I got the mlp eg dolls for her for Christmas and a few standards as prizes I think they are super cute and fun ;) just my opinion here is a video review of apple jack form tbins toy bin if anyone is interested in it

Please let celestial be bigger...

no comment. OMG!!!!!!! ok. maybe there is a comment. but that. is. Ca-RAZY!

I'm with Listie on this one. I was into the idea of them and the artwork, but the final dolls look cheap and poorly designed.

Listie said:

I was intrigued based on the animated picture, but the final dolls are awful. They look more like knock-offs than official Hasbro toys.

Never seen an EG doll as good looking as this, the dress really pulls her look together. Does this dress come with the regular Rarity doll or is there a Deluxe version somewhere that has it?

thats just a regular rarity with a another doll's dress.


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