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So Hasbro are taking on EAH with their new dolls based on the made for tv movie "Decendents"

and they look pretty good:

Raven and Dexter? lol.

Looks like they have painted legs not leggings/tights but the girls have full articulation. The boys lack wrist articulation like the original mh boys. The boys also have moulded hair.

but yeah, all in all not a bad effort from Hasbro. I hope they're decently made and not too expensive because I kinda dig them.

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I guess disney decedent's is actually going to be a live action show on the Disney channel, like Hannah Montana ect. Don't know about everyone else but that sounds horrific to me. At least the dolls are nice lol

CGI would have been better. Then they become very creative with hairstyles usually not easily done without using a wig.


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