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So Hasbro are taking on EAH with their new dolls based on the made for tv movie "Decendents"

and they look pretty good:

Raven and Dexter? lol.

Looks like they have painted legs not leggings/tights but the girls have full articulation. The boys lack wrist articulation like the original mh boys. The boys also have moulded hair.

but yeah, all in all not a bad effort from Hasbro. I hope they're decently made and not too expensive because I kinda dig them.

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They look very good!

Imho, they're better then EAH. They're faces are so different from each other, and full of personality!

If I were an all-round doll collector I'd totally be collecting these :D That boy with the black and white hair is awesome!

They arnt bad at all...I actually prefer their heads/faces over EAH's pancake faces...The blonde guy looks like he could be a descendnt of Cruella Deville and the one next to him b in the signature photo, i bet is a descendant of Mulan. I just REALLY hate that the guys have painted on hair instead of rooted and the girls have painted on leggings.
  • From left to right :
  • Carlos de vil (son of Cruella De Vil),
  • lonnie (daughter of Fa Mulan)
  • ,Evvie (daughter of queen grimhide aka the evil queen),
  • Mal (daughter of Maleficent)
  • The last two have names but it dose not say who is who:
  • Princess Audrey (daughter of princess arora) and Princess Anxelin (daughter of Queen Rapunzel)
They're very pretty. I just wish the clothes were more sophisticated. Mulans dresses look so bad as well as the 2 far right. The only ones I like are the more villainous looking characters. I wish I could put their faces on eah bodies.

I kinda like the mulan kid's dress heh. Punzel's kid's dress is not my taste at all though (purple frilly thing)

I do like the variety of faces though. I really hope we see the other two boys, it seems odd to only have two of them. Jafar and Aladdin's kid both need representation rargh.

I still prefer EAH faces and design. I can't believe how similar those two are to Dexter and Raven! I guess what will make me hate or love these dolls is how good the movie is.

I love them! Love the expressive faces! And this gives us a good idea where they might go for their regular Disney princess line too.

But now I feel like Im gonna have to at least watch the damn movie at least once... :p

I mean, they look good at all, but why are some of the girl's faces a lighter color than their bodies? They need to fix that before they actually send them out for sale. It's... distracting at the least.

I LOVE THESE!!!!!  I am glad Hasbro has the Disney contract.

Late to the party I know... sorry for that, but had to add! lol

I LOVE the faces, definitely much better than EAH which is the only feature that really bothers me about EAH dolls.

However, I feel that EAH has much better design and quality in their outfits and accessories. That's what drew me to them in the first place. Such great and fanciful designs, especially with the shoes! These dolls' outfits look more simplistic and common. I'd really like to see their body sculpts. EAH's body sculpts are pretty nice too in my opinion.

Nice looking dolls but is it just me or does the blue haired girl look like Cleo crossed with Robecca?

Wow, its hard to miss the similarities between Raven and Dexter and the 2 pictured but honestly if Raven and Mal are the daughters of the same character, that was a little unavoidable since Maleficent has only black and purple in her color scheme. I absolutely love these though. The facial expressions are just totally awesome, I mean, theyre defiantly more cartoony than MH and EAH but I like that.


As far as clothing not bad but its not great either. It definatly has its strengths, like I love the textures in Mal's dress but some of the others just look plain. I guess that may be because I'm so used to MH's and EAH's clothing which is typically pretty detailed and over the top.


The blue haired gal is supposed to be the daughter of the queen from snow white I believe.

Image result for snow white queen


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