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I am really curious to know when she will start to appear in Stores.... Unfortunately the Targets near me always seem to get newer items last:(

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NO!! She's the only one Im interested in and the only one I haven't seen in stores yet. Figure

Someone said it might be a week or two into July.  I guess all Targets are doing toy resets then, so the new stuff will appear.  Might have to drop by one of a dozen within driving distance tomorrow, on the offchance they might have'em.

I have been checking both Targets near me and they still have a ton of old stock such as... Dot Dead Gorgeous,Picture Day Wave 1, Roller Maze, Power Ghouls Wave 1, Ghouls Rule, Scarily Ever After, Scaris, Ghouls Alive, and Sweet 1600:( Nothing new...
Anyone have any news for when we will see Catastrophe on the shelves? I live in New England and have not seen her yet. My daughter wants her for Christmas!
She's making her way onto shelves now. I live in Chicago and I see her regularly.

I saw her last week at my Target in dauphin county PA

Thank you! Will keep an eye out.
Target has her on the cover of their holiday gift book but I've only seen her once in a store. They must be holding them in the stockroom for Black Friday release.

Target in St Augustine FL had 3 tonight. First time I have seen them here. Had to get one for my daughter. She's gonna flip. They also had the FCA dolls fyi.

I've never seen them in Maryland
Hi guys! Strange thing is, I am in Portugal, where we always get things much later, (or not at all) and I bought her here in my local supermarket about 3 weeks ago! Actually, there were several of her, along with voltageous. The packaging just showed both of those, not the other 2 in the series, and there was no target symbol at all. It was as if a case of catastrophes somehow dropped from the sky to my little island in the Atlantic!! I was stunned, actually...I wasn't planning on ever getting those dolls, because I thought they would never come here. She is gorgeous, I have to say..really dramatic. And my daughter loves the booklet. The last time I checked, they were actually half price in some sort of flash sale!


I found her at a Target in Connecticut about a month ago. Since then, I have not seen her on the shelves. Frankie has been there since then though.


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