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I recently gave both of my Rallee Radmore dolls short hairstyles, although I'll probably remove all of the hair from my second Rallee doll (The first to receive a haircut), as I'll want to customize her into another character later.

When it comes to the new hairstyle that I gave to my first Rallee doll, I'm not super impressed with my efforts (Short top layer, but the original long hair underneath), because the shortened half of Rallee's hair looks a slight bit choppy and uneven to me, but I learned enough from a hair-styling relative over the years to know some things about how to make hair look good, so I'll be able to tweak the style here and there later, if need be.

I just couldn't leave Rallee's hair alone, ya' know? She's a rebel....a total rebel, whose name itself makes her sound as though she makes protest posters for some cause or another in her free time. To me, someone like that is a motorcycle-ridin', pizza-eatin', chain-wearin' rebel of the highest degree, and she'd never, ever, ever wear all of her hair in submissively long, flowing locks.  ;) 

Of course, my official Rallee's face looks way, way more sweet and innocent (Way less toothy, and more shiny) than the one belonging to the Rallee that I'm going to turn into Eglantine Price, irony detected on the radar. LOL!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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