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That Cleo dolls are not only less likely to be stocked in store but are also harder to find in general? They usually go for more online as well. I am talking even as far back as g1.

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It might be that Cleo could have been short-packed in the case assortments. For example, a case might include Cleo, Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura, and if there is six in a case, then two of the characters will have two dolls a case, and the other two will have one doll a case. It's possible that Cleo is a commonly shortpacked character compared to someone like Draculaura who would be more likely to have a larger case presence. 

Yes, I have noticed. Especially I heart fashion Cleo. Also Ghouls rules Cleo was always very short-packed compared to the other characters and more difficult to find. And the re-release Gloom beach dolls, I saw tons of Frankies and Clawdeens and not one Cleo!

the only Cleo that wasn't hard to find was her first release (2 pack with Deuce, exclusive to tru) and her DOTD doll which seems to have been 1 to a case of 4 with 1 of each other character too.

But yeah, basically if there's a full assortment of 5 or 6 characters, she's usually short packed, as is Lagoona.

Worst one was the school's out? (second wave dolls anyway) where there was an A and B case. One had lagoona, one had Cleo. BOTH shortpacked 1 to a case of 6. (WHY?)

In the UK at least, many stores only got case A OR B, not both, so finding both dolls was a pain in the butt and involved a lot of trawling around stores looking for the correct case.

It's usually 2 frankie, 2 drac, 1 of anyone else. Because Mattel decided every kid needed 30 billion of those two characters

I started collecting half way and the 2 pack with Deuce was gone by then sadly, School's out were still on shelves just about but I never saw Cleo or the Forbitten Love set but that probably shipped seperatly right? 

when Picture Day came out I couldn't find Cleo or Spectra they must have been in the b case since Abbey and Draculaura were everywhere, Tesco online still had the stock photo for school's out Cleo and it didn't have the name of the line as that was pretty common back then for most places so I ordered her and they sent me Picture Day, but it was OK as I was trying to find her. 

I noticed that her IHF doll was super hard to find and luckily I was in the right place at the right time when i got mine. 

You’re absolutely right. I haven’t been able to find Ballerina Ghouls Cleo at any store (I think the line is a Target exclusive) within a 200 mile radius. It’s crazy! Has she not been shipped yet with Moanica and Drac? There’s no way she’s so short packed and in such demand that she’s gone the second she’s on the shelf.

Hello Sammy,

I've been to 2 Target's and seen all the Ballerina dolls and usually see 2 of the Cleo doll. I am in Northern Calif.

Good Luck,



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