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Just went to Walmart on my break and they had 2 Sirens and a Harpy add-on. I bought the Harpy, as I already had the Siren. They were $10.49

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I can sort of understand why Mattel opted to not have full dolls in an attempt to encourage mix-&-matching, but I don't think it's turning out to be a very good idea.  Most people prefer to have a full doll instead of one with wonky, different colored parts.  I don't have any CAM parts that would match either of these new releases, and it's keeping me from investing in them.

Glad to hear they are starting to show up in Walmart, maybe my area will get some soon.

Harpy and Siren add-ins were also located at Walmart in Mishawaka, IN.

They also had them at the Kmart in Livonia, MI


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