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Hey guys! Long time no see. Well basically this RP is a Halloween mascarde ball held at Monster High. Thats all there is to it. All basic RP rules apply. I'll be Kori Onna.

Let's start
A mascarde ball , one of the few times where I'm not the only one wearing a mask. I look in the mirror taking it all in , the intricate red oriental dress , Pearl necklace, Black bob, and heavy eyeliner. Good enough , I murmur as I slip my surgical mask on , covering my hideous permanent grin. Finally, I pick up my mask , a geshia beauty that hides all of my face execpt for my glowing almond eyes. Slowly I put on the mask and get ready to leave my house....Monster High Ball here I come....

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LOL , do you  have any good  ideas on 2015 h alloween  ? I like Halloween than Christmas ,i want to talk about it.


about me halloween fun


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