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So, the new Hairdorables have a new face mold, the duck face. I just call it little lips becuase it does look like they are just little lips. What I noticed is that the smaller lips fit the face so much better than the smiling faces. I think it looks prettier! What do you guys think?

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Hello, not a cat,

I am lovin' the new face mold! So sexy, and they finally don't look like silly kids who are high on an overload of sugary drinks! That's just my own opinion, but I know that I'm gonna have to scout out a few of these brand new Hairdorables for myself, 'cause they look super awesome to me!  :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Omg, XD sugary drinks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes the new mold!

I think they look a bit silly with the pout, like those instagram models who pull that stupid face in selfies.

Though I wonder what the sculpt looks like with slightly wider painted lips. Maybe less odd.

I thnk they look impish with their regular smile and much older with the duck pout, but I have always found that pout unattractive on humans and on dolls it's not much better i'm afraid.

They look like the kissing Barbie doll lol

If there was a mold that was right in between those two, it'd be ideal for me. But overall I'm leaning towards the pout as the more appealing mold. 

The other face mold. This is Twister. All of my Rayne dolls are sisters and are named after weather. Anyways, her smile is pretty and isnt as wide as the other smiling mold.

Just when I was starting to appreciate my one and only Hairdorable! lol

I like both. The new face is prettier and the older one is more cartoony.

Overall, the new ones are probably nicer. They look less like trolls.


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