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My boyfriend knew how badly I wanted Abbey and that I can't afford the ones on Amazon for $40 (or more) because I have to make my monthly college tuition payment ($510 a month).  After a long day at work yesterday, my dad gave me a surprise package. I opened it and found Abbey!!! If it had been my parents who ordered it for me, they would have intended it to be a Christmas present.  

So who else knew I wanted Abbey?... Levi! My boyfriend. So I drove down to his work before I even opened her up the rest of the way and I gave him the biggest kiss ever and spent his lunch time with him. I'm the luckiest girl in the world; NOT because I have Abbey, but because I have the best boyfriend ever. <3

(sorry for a bad quality, it was taken with my phone...)


Abbey in her packaging.


Abbey out of the box... (yes, I'm 20 years old and still have my Carebears....) Her skin is glittery ALL over! <3 And her boots under the fur are soooo epic.


Abbey and my collection... ( you would never guess with all my toys...that I'm 20... :/ )


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YEAH! <3

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