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It means more than MH for sure, I have severe anxiety and a deep rooted irrational fear of fish with teeth, so Neptuna was perfect! Will be adding in coral and seaweed to kind of add filler even though she's in a bowl.

Terrible picture but she was just finished!

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It looks awesome! :D I'm jealous!

That is a really great tattoo! :)

Lovely! ^-^

She looks beautiful.

That is so cool!

That's beautiful!

I love your tattoo, and the meaning behind it!

That. Is. Epic! :c Wow

Thank you:)

Ive been thinking about a MH related tatt. I would love to have a group shot done, or Frankie or Draculaura as a more pin up style maybe. But I might just do Skulleta (simple and small) and not everyone would know right away what it meant.

I want to eventually get Deuce and Frankie but it's a matter of finding a place to fit

Here is a better picture!

STOP IT. You're making me even more jealous! :D


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