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I just realized in her diary it says Big Blob. The experiment number is 816, which is "big" in the font and the batch number is 8708 which looks like "blob" in the font.

I got my Gooliope today! Yay! I took some shots of her with the regular, big sister and little sister bodies. I couldn't reach my Marisol so she's not in the pics :(

In box. Her ugly collar thing says 816:

I lined up the shoulders, though it's hard to tell in the picture:

Lined up the balls of their feet:

She has an extra joint in her arms (besides the double elbow joint). I don't get this joint but whatever. The joint under the bust seems unnecessary. It makes it weird to put her upright in her stand:

She also has an extra joint in her legs besides the double knee joint. I do understand this one, it lets her legs rotate like the original dolls without weakening the knees.

ETA: I was told the arm joints are where you take her arms off because you can't pull them apart at the elbow. Makes sense!

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She is huge!!!!!  So much bigger than I thought!!!! Thanks for the pics!

great pics :) and I'm so glad you did a foot comparison! I'm still waiting for my gooliope to arrive and was planning on doing the same thing hehe

I need her. Does she come with a Gooliope-sized stand? What's her price look like?

She's $29.99USD. And yes! A huge stand is included!

Added pictures of the stand. I used a regular pink stand for contrast :)

I love love love her! I got one to take out of the box and fool around with and one to keep in the box. I have a feeling she'll be a famous doll one day.

I got two also :) I tend to get two of the dolls I think are "special"


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