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Someone probably already posted a topic like this but I'm going to again. A lot of my MH dolls have had that nasty glue seepage problem. My most recent doll I got in the mail from a friend. Her head is covered. Worst I have seen, I tried everything to get it out. Her whole head is sticky and when I brush it the hair falls out in clumps. Does anyone know the best way to get rid of the seepage? Besides tea tree oil? I can't really afford to buy that. Thanks so much.

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You might want to try baby powder. While some take off the head and fill it with powder, for the beginning I would just coat the hair with a generous amount, comb it in, sprinkle more, let sit (e.g. over night). Then, either brush it out, this might work, but I found that it left the hair dull and grey on my Nefera, so she got a hair wash with dish liquid, afterward with fabric softener, and then I dunked the hair briefly into boiled hot water (not too long, though, or the head might soften).

Thank you! I tried the baby powder method and it worked wonders! You are right it makes the hair very dull though.

Samseramsamsam said:

You might want to try baby powder. While some take off the head and fill it with powder, for the beginning I would just coat the hair with a generous amount, comb it in, sprinkle more, let sit (e.g. over night). Then, either brush it out, this might work, but I found that it left the hair dull and grey on my Nefera, so she got a hair wash with dish liquid, afterward with fabric softener, and then I dunked the hair briefly into boiled hot water (not too long, though, or the head might soften).


A few months ago, I tried the following method (The Baking Powder Method):

You'll need hot water, baking powder, a plastic spoon, and maybe some gloves (If you don't want to touch that glue with your hands). 

Soften the doll's head / neck with super warm / hot water, and remove the doll's head. Wet down the hair, and work the baking powder into the hair, and into the scalp. You may also spoon the powder into the doll's head, so that you can leave it in for awhile. Try to wipe the face clean of all powder, and store the doll's head, in an upside-down position, in an open plastic baggie, so that everything will dry out.

I've left a ton of Monster High doll heads in that exact position since about late March, and, pretty soon, I'm going to open those baggies, so that I can see if the Baking Powder Method really works super well.

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The Whispering Wolf

please let us know the results! I havent heard of using Baking Powder yet, Id like to see if it works. Ive tried so far:

alcohol-doesnt work

dish detergent(Dawn)- works only for very tiny amount of glue, doesnt work for huge leakage or hair that is completely gluey/greasy

baby powder- works but leaves the hair dull colored

Goo Gone- works the best so far but it depends on how bad the glue on the dolls head is, may need several applications and you have to be very careful with the face not to get the Go Gone on it...

good luck!


Okay, so here's what happened. I finally decided to take a look at my handiwork....after about two and a half or three months! 

It seems that I'm not quite out of the woods yet, because, even though the hair feels sooo much better, there are still so many stuck gobs of melted glue inside of the heads! I need to buy a pair of tweezers, and then, I need to pray to the doll gods that I don't accidentally pull all of that lovely hair out by accident!  LOL!

As for the process of getting all of that baking powder out of my dolls' heads and hair, it's taking much longer than I originally figured that it would take. I had to tip the heads right-side-up, squeezing them and shaking the powder out, and shaking it out again, and shaking it out again, and then brushing tiny remnants of glue out, and using un-folded paperclips to scrape the insides of the heads, etc. Wow! 

We need to march into the Mattel factory, start doing what I just described, and then demand to be paid to do so, because we're doing this for free!

I may have to apply some more baby powder later, or whatever, but I'll let you all know what happens during the future, with regards to the glue situation.

These days, I feel as though almost every MH doll that I have should be treated! What a depressing outlook for me, but such is the life of any good Monster High enthusiast....or so they say....LOL!

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The Whispering Wolf


This glue is so depressing. I'm so disgusted I even think of getting rid of my leaking dolls unless I'm attached to them or they are very spectacular! Never if it is Ghoulia or Spectra, of course! I've been lucky with Ghoulia so far but until when?

I have recently bought 2 second hand ever after High dolls. They are in great condition except for the worst glue seepage I have ever seen. I've seen the seepage when I bought them but it seems impossible to get rid of the bloody glue. They were bought in 2 different countries so you can't even think it comes from the climate (!!). One was bought in a charity shop in the UK and the other from a carboot sale in France. I am not familiar with EAH dolls, I had only 3 before and they are still boxed (better check them, oh dear!) I have never unboxed them as I had housing problems at the time. I am horrified with the leaking. I have never had so bad glue seepage with any of my MH dolls. It is absolutely terrible. I tried tea tree for the first time but it does not seem to work.

I think talcum powder is so far the best thing I have used. I know it makes the hair dull but I prefer this to any disgusting greasy sticky hideous sign of the bloody glue.

Just the idea of it inside my dolls disgust me even if they have no sign of glue seepage. I love the dolls with soft glue free heads. It is a delight to squeeze them!! One of the reason why I love the old budget dolls. No bloody glue! And signature Spectra is glue free, thank you Mattel for saving me the pain of seeing her gorgeous purple hair being destroyed.

It probably saves Mattel money to fill the heads of our poor dolls with that crap. It goes well with the rest of their company policies.

Good luck with your experiments. It seems to be a lot of hard work! And let us know what results you will have.

thanks for the results. Id like to try the baking powder on some of my Fashionistas.


Okay,'s been a long, long time (I believe that I removed a lot of the powder awhile back), and so, when I began examining the impacted dolls' heads today, I was....majorly disappointed!

I took all thirteen of the baking powder-filled heads out of their plastic bags (the 13th was a 2008 / 2009 My Scene doll from Mexico), only to find that the issues were far from over!

Large pieces of glue, some covered with powder, and some extremely yellow in color, were stuck inside of the heads, and not all of them would come out by way of the tweezer method, either. That was disgustingly insane, too, because the tweezer method was not so kind to me. It takes a lot of effort to try to dislodge hardened pieces of glue that don't want to come out of a doll's head.

I kept having to wash the powder from the dolls' faces, and I kept having to brush, tap, and shake it out of their hair, and then, I stupidly got Ghouls' Getaway Spectra's hair wet while I was washing her face, just to see if I could get some more of that powder out of the hair, so that now, after all of that effort, it's just a stupid, sticky mess again! ARG!

Even the dolls whose heads are now squishy still have somewhat sticky, icky hair, presumably due to the fact that there is still glue coating the insides of their heads!

I am so....finished with this stupidity! Thirteen freaking dolls, Mattel! Thirteen, presuming that I'm going to be stupidly loyal enough to you to not count the newer ones with hard heads! NOOO!

Oh, and I'm also not counting my Art Class Abbey, who's sticky hair I haven't even touched yet, or the two (?) Draculauras who were leaving glue spots on the box in which I was storing some of my MH dolls!

The thirteen impacted dolls are as follows:

Clawdeen (Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends)

Clawdeen (Ghoul Sports)

Clawdia (Frights, Camera, Action)


Delancey (Mexican Issue from around 2008 / 2009)

Draculaura (Basic....with the sleeveless pink and white dress and the white, ruffle necklace....pre-Re-boot)

Draculaura (Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends)

Elissabat (Frights, Camera, Action)

Gigi (Geek Shriek)

Jinafire (New Scaremester)

Lagoona (Student Disembody Council)

Meowlody (Ghouls' Getaway)

Spectra (Ghouls' Getaway)

So....what am I going to do? I am so tempted to just throw in the towel and put those blasted heads right back onto their respective bodies, because, well, thirteen impacted doll heads? That's about 10 heads too many for me to be dealing with!

Of course, some of the heads still smell like The Bog of Eternal Stench (Remember "Labyrinth"?), and some green strands of poor Jinafire's hair are still stained an icky shade of chartreuse, but....I am tired of working my can off, only to get bad results, so I may just say, "Forget it!"

I swear that if this new Cleo that I just bought has the same "Glue-Head Syndrome" as those thirteen other dolls, I may just make my own straitjacket now, so that when I finally go completely insane....LOL! JK, but you get the idea.

I could go through the entire process all over again (Wash and fill with baking powder), but....thirteen headsChore City!   :(

If I put those thirteen heads back onto their corresponding bodies, I should keep a list of the impacted dolls with my MH stuff, so that I won't accidentally wash their hair later, just in case the powder is ever able to be completely brushed out.

Oooh, brother! What a depressing, annoying situation!   :( 

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The Whispering Wolf


So, I recently spent an afternoon dealing with more of the glue issue; I was re-filling heads, pulling hair from two other heads, and trying, in vain, to remove all of the glue from those last two heads.

All of that resulted in one of my fingers becoming numb for a few days....due to the extreme pressure that I had been putting on the two order to push them in, so that the glue globs would move toward me. <Sigh>

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

LOL you make me laugh Wolfie!

I know! The bloody glue is a nightmare. It still drives me nuts.

A lot of my dolls are stored due to space problems. I decided last week to check a few and I discovered 3 of them leaking bloody glue in the boxes. There is a stain on the boxes. Yes, they stained my boxes! And the tissue paper they were wrapped with...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

So the culprits are Cleo de Nile Dawn of the Dance (she has still the disgusting product in her hair so her hair is hard as hell. poor Cleo!), Purrsephone first wave and Raven Queen Legacy Day. They will have a talcum powder treatment except for Cleo. I don't have the courage to touch her hard hairdo.

I did not check everybody yet but I know Nefera first wave is leaking. She was when I had her on display.

The dolls I have treated with talcum powder so far are ok. Talcum powder seems to work best for me. It dulls the hair a bit but it has results. I have treated Signature Briar Beauty with talcum powder about 2 years ago and she is fine. No sign of seepage. She was one of the worst case I ever had. I had to do several treatments and to wash her hair afterwards. She has so much hair, it was a nightmare. And she is fine, no sign of seepage.

I have Spectra Ghouls Getaway still in box. I bet she is leaking inside the box. Oh no no no no!

I have quite a few dolls to treat. They are not in boxes luckily.

So to add to your list:

Draculaura Boo York

Lagoona Picture Day

Cleo Gloom Beach

Spectra 13 Wishes

Catty 13 Wishes

Clawdeen Scary Tales

Clawdeen First wave

Gigi 13 Wishes

Scarah Sudent disembody council

Scarah I heart fashion

Skelita Scaris

Skelita Art Class

Ghoulia Geek shriek (I know all the Geek Shriek are leaking badly except Catty)

Briar Beauty legacy Day (has been left with talcum powder in her hair for one year. I don't have the courage!)

That's all I can think of at the moment but I am sure there are more. I know Spectra Picture day is probably leaking in storage. My beautiful Spectra... NOOOOOOO!

The older dolls made in Indonesia are the one leaking the most but strangely none of my Ghoulias so far and some of them I had for a long time: Signature, Dawn of the dance and Fear leading. It is strange. Of course, recently Mattel started to put glue in most dolls even the ones made in China. I bet the DC girls are leaking too. Let me know if they do. I don't have any to check.

All my dolls with soft heads are fine. No seepage. All the School's out are fine (except for one Cleo made in Indonesia but I have the Chinese one too), first wave Spectra, Dot Dead gorgeous, Diner-Roadster-Skull Shores Drac, the first releases dead tired dolls. All of them have gorgeous hair and no glue head. So you know which ones to buy second hand! LOL




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