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Which line do you prefer?

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Gloom beach
I love the outfits and redesigns of Dawn of Dance. The
New character and the little extras the gloom beach
Have are awesome. I like both.
I kind of like Gloom Beach more, but they're both awesome!
Neither both are lame.
dawn of the dance..defo
The winner is Gloom Beach obviously
Dawn of the Dance Frankie is my Fav.
Love the Colors!
Not really a huge fan of either concept... but I do like Clawdeen's dawn of the dance hair and I will of course have to have Jackson.
I'm not sure. DotD is more flashy and has really vibrant colors, then GB shows the characters more relaxed outside of school. I love them both, but I'm slightly pulling towards GB more even if it doesn't include Ghoulia, Deuce, or Lagoona.
I wish the Dawn of the Dance line had a couple more characters but it is by far my fav. Much more original than yet another doll beach theme. Gloom Beach reminds me way too much of Barbie. But of course the creators, Mattel, also are the creators of
Barbie and I expected a beach theme
because of this. But I like them ok simply because they are Monster Dolls and I like Clawdeens hands in the Beach theme. I would rather have had a winter theme tho or a holiday exclusive (which I'm surprised there isn't one...there's always Holiday cute would a really detailed holiday outfit be???!!!) I'm sure there will be many more great themes. Monster High will be here with us more than a minute!
I think I have to go with Gloom Beach, mostly because of the extra dolls, honestly though I think both have their good points and their slightly blah points.
I said before that i liked DotD better but now i'm not sure lol

I don't have the DotD doll in my possession yet and i just received 3 of of 5 of my Gloom Beach dolls and i'm in Awe they are GORGEOUS!
I cant wait to get my Frankie and my Clawdeen =D!


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