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Has she been retired? I can't find her in the Target stores and she is never in stock on their site.

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I really don't want to buy one for over $100 on Amazon or eBay for my collection if Target plans on getting them back in for $24.99.

I thought the line was discontinued a while ago? I've seen Venus and Jane at Tuesday Morning but that's it :(

Thanks for the info Skeekers. I was wondering what was going on with her because Target still shows her on their site. Thanks again! 

Yeah, Jinafire is nearly impossible to get. She used to go for about 40-50 bucks but here lately it's escalated to over 100. I'm so glad I got her and Cleo when they were in production...I'm keeping boxed Freak Du Chic Clawdeen and Twyla in case they go this way too. These Target exclusives can really get pricey over time.

She is a really beautiful doll. I've only seen pictures of her but people who have her say she is really pretty in person. I am a new collector of Monster High. My niece asked for one last Christmas and I said "What is a Monster High doll?" LOL! When I went to Target to get her one and I ended up loving them too. I have been hooked ever since. My husband laughed when I brought my first one home but I knew he supported my passion for Monster High when he bought me the black and white SDCC Frankie Stein for my Bday. Thanks for all the help trying to figure out the status of Gloom and Bloom Jinafire and I will keep my fingers crossed I find one at a reasonable price.

I don't really know how Target works but over here in the UK in Argos they are under one catalogue number Jin was the first I found and Cleo was hard to find took me ages, they are gone now and were replaced with Freak Du Chic which got replaced with Return To Skull Shores/Ghoul's Getaway, sometime they still have them online or in their system so you can still order them in stores, I don't know how long Target hold into to older stock since the store is completely different and you can just walk in pick them up like regular stores but over here you have to fill out the catalogue number on a small piece of paper then wait for your number to be called, you can ask to view items under one number which is handy except they don't always bring them all out they used but for some reason they don't however the lady did bring out two Jane's if it's the same one they usually just bring one, I don't know if exclusives end up a discount stores or not but you can always try, some do over here like Power Ghouls.

Thanks 1Dover for the info. I'm going out to some of the discount stores today to see what I can find. I would be so happy to find a Jinafire on one of their shelves. It's so fun to go out hunting for a favorite doll! If I can't find one in stores I'm hoping to find one from another collector at a reasonable price.

I believe they are, though they still show up on Target.  I seem to remember Power Ghouls showing up for a long time online despite never stocking again.  I think they were officially retired when FDC Twyla and Clawdeen showed up.  I mean they could return, we saw Scary Tales come back after all.

I can't remember when I got mine, though I got Cleo first.  Kind of surprised at the price.  I expected Cleo to be higher though I don't know how they were packed.  I love mine and plan to keep her, unless someone comes along with a sealed Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition.

The entire Gloom and Bloom line is simply stunning to me. It's what truly hooked me into MH. Just gorgeous. I wish it was made into a bigger line and I wish they included a boy or two dressed up in plant fashions. It would've been a great opportunity to introduce a new boy plant monster character.

The colors in that line are beautiful! You are so right SammyWinchester. That was such a missed opportunity to introduce a new boy plant character. I would have definitely bought that one. I think Mattel should have a contest for MH doll lovers. Submit a drawing of a new MH doll for Fall 2016. Your idea is a sure winner SammyWinchester!

Could've been son of the Mandrake!


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