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I was looking at purchasing these dolls off of Ebay and I was wondering why does Skull Shores Gill come with an Orange stand? Is it some type of error? It just looks out of place to me as a color choice for him. Also I am seeing Blue and Black stands for Nefera. Was she released with 2 different color stands? Thanks.

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Gil came with either an orange stand (first release), or a teal stand (second release).  It was a running change in Skull Shores where the dolls first came with individually colored stands, and then they were all switched to teal halfway through the run.

The Nefera stand was black I'm pretty sure, but I use a boy's stand for her.  It works out well.

Nefera's stand was blue - similar in color to the SO Frankie stand but as Triumvirate stated, the stand was not adjusted to her larger frame.
Just a titchy shade off of Azura.


Nefera came with a black stand. Starting with Toralei (the assortment before her) all new dolls in the core assortment came with black stands. 


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