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Gigi, Twyla, Catty, and INVISIBILLY to be prt of the "New Scaremester line....

Too cool!  Just found out from my dealer friend.... no pics, unfortunately...but it says Fall 2014


For Spring 2014 only Clawdeen is mentioned, but the description is incomplete, so I don't know who else will be in the spring assortment-- although we have seen art in other threads with other "Scaremester" characters....



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This sounds just like hopeful desires.
I wish you got something more to bring on the table than a friend dealer's voice on it, sorry :/
not going to believe until i see pic
the first wave isn't out yet and we're already talking second?

plus Invisibilly is something to big for mattel to just waste in shops in a common line. He's going to be a SDCC exclusive, i bet

This was on Matte;ls' dealer site, so you can believe it or not-- I saw it with my own eyes..... ^_^

Ask for a screencap of that page then please

and yet, i've heard stories of so many releases that were confirmed untrue, i have the right of being skeptical

Triumvirate it's not like i don't want him in a budget and affordable line. I'm just putting the facts together
- last 2 SDCC brought us basic versions of new characters (wydowna, hoodude and scarah) so I can see a trend that probably won't stop
- Mattel has developed 5 new character out of nowhere (Jane, Clawdia, Honey, Viperine, Elissabat) before giving us a doll that was already in the MH universe (Billy)
- Slo Mo has got a doll years after his animated counterpart - Billy will probably be the same case if he ever gets a doll
- Other releases of Twyla and Gigi so close to their basics in 13 wishes sound suspicious to me.

Given all these facts together i doubt that the news is true, this is a forum we're discussing, that's what threads are for.
feel free to prove me wrong with a picture or proof
I'd love another MH boy student to enroll in my collection

For instance, I'm not discussing the likelyhood of Catty Noir being re-released so close to her basic in another line. This would fit in so many ways since in her diary and back of the box she says she's moving to Monster High and have finally the time to have a pet so of course they're going to give her signature clothes (for the webisodes, also) and maybe a figurine. She can't go dressed like that at school.
A re-release of Catty would just fit.
Invisibilly has always been to vague as a character. I really can count his appearances on one hand. The Dance Class Webisode, the dropped romance with spectra in an episode and (SPOILER) the 13 wishes movie.
Slo Moe was featured heavily in the webisodes in the last months, probably also due to his dolls release. They would do the same with Billy if they plan on putting it out there. Advertise. Unless all the lack of his presence is to surprise us in case they make him a SDCC doll, that's why it would fit to me

Well I guess time will tell.

On a side note i learned the hard way that when i want to write something on the internet i should bring proof otherwise the other people will have the right to not believe me.

This is very exciting news, thanks for sharing!

On the subject of proof, there is always the kind of news I don't immediately believe, I don't immediately dismiss it either, but it depends on the person who brings it. There are quite a few people on this forum who in the past have brought us news/ info and where unable to provide proof or a linked source, but ultimately it turned out true. I consider this news true, because the OP has never brought info out that wasn't true or was based on nothing, and I believe him when he says he has seen this on the Mattel dealer site.

People can't share screenshots from Mattel's dealer site.  That sort of breach would get them thrown off the site and cost them their business with Mattel.

I understand that but i'm not the kind of person that believe what's just said on the internet.

Draconia St George said:

People can't share screenshots from Mattel's dealer site.  That sort of breach would get them thrown off the site and cost them their business with Mattel.

What do we know about the new scaremester line? Is it a slimline budget range or the replacement to Picture day and thus a core release? 

I would LOVE a basic full release of all the boys but thus far what, 2 have had solo basics? Jackson and Holt. All the rest have had their basic signature doll come in a two pack with a girlfriend. Budget lines tend to be where boys get their first release, which is a bummer. I'd love to see signature looks for all the webisode characters before new strangers heh.

They are pushing billy a bit more recently, as well as Slo Moe so I suspect that's gearing up for something. They tend to push characters close to a doll release, gets people all hyped up.

Gigi and Twyla seems odd to me though, considering they already had their signature release with a pet and all that. So another "casual clothing" line seems a little... too soon? I dunno, a gigi with different hair could be interesting to see though. Catty desperately needs a casual outfit.

So we'll wait and see. I always remain skeptical but we can hope right?

Matthew, Thank you for the info. Really cool of you to share.

This is interesting, because it brings us back to New Scaremester and Art Class being 2 different lines.

It does make sense that Gigi who is part of MH world (don't want to spoil 13 Wishes here for anyone who has not seen the movie) would have a basic doll, same for Catty. I doubt she would be walking around MH in that poofy pink dress. Twyla might be purely based on demand. If her first doll is selling really well, it would make sense to create her next doll.

Invisibilly seems to be a sensitive issue. purple_monkfish, I think you are correct, he has been showing up a lot more like Slo Moe and I would not be surprised if he gets a normal release and not a SDCC. It would have been cool that he was part of a 2 pack with Scarah in "Picnic Casket for 2," but they must have other plans for who will be part of that line. I have a feeling that just like this year with Mad Science and Home Ick, that there will be two 2 packs under that line. Actually we got 3, 2-packs this year.

As for is it true or bull, Mattel would not just throw ideas up on their dealers page. There are probably many dolls and products that have been designed or are in stages of production that we don't know about. Once a design is finished, the prototype is done and approved and on to production, a designer is on to the next concept. The MH team could be a year or even 2 ahead of what we hear about and or see.

I'm the type to not believe anything until I see it, but part of me desperately wants this to be true.  I'd cry with glee if it is, because the mere idea of Invisi Billy being SDCC exclusive is a nightmare to me.

Well, that info sounds great to me! It is a release with a boy, and it is a boy that I have been looking forward to ever since he got that "prank" April Fool's reveal, and it is new releases for the 3 girls that I think their first releases weren't... that great.

What if Gigi was less pink (I mean her neon-pink skin) in her next release, or Twyla was white like her art, or that she had something done to her hair to make it less boring (the plain wavy hair with bangs isn't exactly interesting) and Catty gets a NON-PINK Barbie-licious outfit, but a cool one. Hopefully something that has to do with Le Chat Noir, maybe orange/ red? It would perhaps clash with her hair, but who knows.

(I doubt that Gigi will be less pink or that Twyla will be white and not purple, but I can dream)

Anyway, whether this is true or not, I am already pumped up for it and will welcome the line (if it happens) happily. 


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