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Here is her link:



Just updating this instead of a new thread but

Gigi is now in stock for preorder at

estimated shipping is July 24th. Limit 1 per order.

Her link:

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When I add her it says no item has been selected. Is anyone else having this problem?

Me too. "Your shopping cart is empty," it says.

Yeah now I am getting it too :(

I just now saw where it was posted 2 hours ago on the Monster High Doll page on Facebook, so I am not surprised she's gone now. But she'll be back.  Sorry I stumbled upon her too late to post...

No worries. I think that this is the first sighting of Gigi at fair retail, so of course she'd go fast. Like you said, she'll be back.

This is good news because it debunks the rumors of her being a store exclusive. I was a little worried there because almost all online stores had Howleen and Lagoona in abundance and Twyla showing up from time-to-time but no Gigi.

Also; does anyone feel that Gigi will be the next Monster High character to jump over to Ever After High?

Cool, at least we know that she is out there at 19.99 good luck to everyone!

I was able to order her this morning, maybe they took her off because they sold out there on hand quantity.
Bummer. I missed it too.
I called Mattelshop this morning and the woman who picked up said that it was a mistake the Gigi Grant was in stock on the website. She said it showed they had none in there it was never available:(

It looks like the listing has been pulled down, and when I searched I got no results.


Got to keep stalking TRU I guess. I'll hit them early tomorrow.

They were available, I just received my ups tracking number for the doll I ordered this morning.
That's cool I have no idea why the woman told me they had none and said it was never supposed to be on the website....weird:/... I guess I will just keep on checking back to see if she comes back in stock. Just curious what time did you buy her? I checked around 8:40 this morning.


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