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I ordered two Gigis from Amazon, one to open and one to keep in the box.  After I opened the one, I noticed the backs were different.  There was the usual one and then there was one that said her favorite color is red and didn't have her favorite food.  Also, the favorite activity said yoga instead of sightseeing. Anyone notice this?  I wish I wouldn't have opened the odd one.

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Maybe an International box?

The one without the profile is the international box and the one we got in Canada. The US version when I saw it in TRU had the profile on the back.

They both had profiles but they were different


I dont want to go In her room and wake my daughter up right now but I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow

I couldn't get any good pictures, so here's the best I have:


has no one seen the oddball box?

Nope. I have 2 boxed Gigis here and both are the regular box version.


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