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Look what I found in toys rus website... 

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That stinks. Hopefully we can find out soon what this is.

Azteca said:

Not that I saw.

Lillian Gracey said:

Ok. So there isn't a separate link for it that would have a possible description.

Azteca said:

The only place I saw it was with the pics for the School Set.

Now, this is a ridiculous thought, BUT, what if it just what if it was a part of the school playset box? It's a possibility.

I don't understand the point of this but that MoonCrisisPower person (who was called out earlier for citing false information) stole your pic and now has it posted on her Tumblr as her information -_- She did this with the Love's Sighting as well.

Aim going there now

Is there a release date for the DVD yet?

I agree with Shirley Holmes, I would like to see DVD's for the other specials. I made my own, but a pro-copy would be nice.


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