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The first image of Abbey Ghouls Rule in box has been unveiled by a seller on Ebay. As we can see, the dress of Abbey contains much pink as that which was shown last month at San Diego Comic Con  and not as the promotional image appears on the website of Walmart.

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thats awesome thanks .

Truly Outrageous said:

Here are a few pics.  The UPC number is 746775185640.

Just picked up my Abbey at the Plymouth, IN store.  Anyone who's near there, they had 5 left about an hour ago.   Hopefully, they will be able to get enough in stock at all the stores so there's not another Cupid debacle.  It was only by dumb luck that I was able to pick up one of the sweet 1600 Cupid and I was scared it would be the same for the Abbey doll.


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