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I've seen some posts about people finding them, but I'd like to make a list since the other one seems to have disappeared.  I've found all of the other recently released lines already.  King Soopers has them in their current weekly flyer (at least the ones that have a separate toy one), but I haven't seen them yet.  The have a separate display with Dead Tired 2 and Roller Maze ($9.99 each), but not Ghouls Alive.  King Soopers, if you don't know, if a grocery store owned by Kroger.  I'm hoping to find them there instead of TRU since they're 5 or 6 bucks cheaper there.  


Burbank, CA

Murrieta, CA

San Diego, CA

Tustin, CA

Van Nuys, CA

Westminster, CO

Manchester, CT

Pensacola, FL

Chicago, IL

Mishawaka, IN

Lexington, KY

Columbia, MD

Fayetteville, NC

Yorktown, NY

Langhorne, PA

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Rhode Island

Greenville, SC

edit:  going to add recent Scaris sightings to this list.  I just want to know where you've found them starting this week, not where you've seen them before.

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I found all 3 Ghoul's Alive dolls today at TRU in Pensacola, FL.  They were $27.99 each.

Just saw them at TRU in Chicago, IL

We got em in TRU Greenville SC
My local TRU in CA has tons of them, at least 4 unopened boxes atop the shelves still.

All 3 Alive dolls were at Toys R Us in Mishawaka, IN on Thursday December 6th.

All three Ghoul's Alive dolls were at the Van Nuys in So Cali TRU on Monday.  I'll be checking Burbank and Los Feliz this weekend and can report back. 

Found all 3 at Toys R Us in Manchester, CT earlier this week.

Found all 3 at the Toys R Us in Rhode Island :)

Dang, guess I might have to get them at TRU, then.

Yeah, they had a ton at TRU in michigan.

I don't really want them but they were kind of fun to play with in the store. :p

Picked up all 3 at TRU in Langhorne, PA.  Had a load of Clawdeen's, couple of Frankie's and I got the last Spectra. 

TRU Tustin CA. They have several of each.


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