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On the cover of the Power Ghouls comic line are the names of the artists, and among those names it says Yelps :D

Her new year's scream was to start her own line of comics this year, so she got her scream come true quite early on. Maybe that means that some of the other screams from the characters may have also been hints at what to expect this year? Like how Howleen mentioned something about her own room? Maybe a playset? And Operetta doing her own rockabilly opera? Perhaps a themed and costumed line?

Comments? Any ideas? What do you think we might see from the other screams coming true?

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I got the feeling all the screams were hints. Venus and gloom beach? She's in that beach line so could it be a "return to gloom beach" theme?

Let the mad speculation begin! I gotta go look over the screams again, see what mad conclusions I can leap to hhahaha.

But that yelps thing is adorable, nice catch!

I read Skelita's and hoped her scream comes true. Hehe.


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