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Someone on tumblr posted these photos:


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Well crap!

Color me irritated!  I hope the four-pack isn't due for a while!

According to the person who posted them on tumblr, who had edited her post, they were found on the Canadian EBay and are in Australia first. Hopefully the US gets 'em soon!

Yay! I can't wait til these hit the US. C'mon, Texas! :)
Nooo!I'm not ready I don't have my money yet D;

I really want the four pack. I'm so impatient though. It's going to be hard to pass on these when they come out. 

I did want to get Spectra but I'm having a change of heart now..maybe I'll just get the four pack. Unless I can find a really good deal on her.

I love Rochelle and Spectra!

Does anybody know where this line was made? China or Indonesia?

All three of them cute but Rochelle is the must-get for me.  Love her no-banged straight hair!  Spectra is really gorgeous as well, love the deeper purple hair on her.

I'm honestly really disappointed with these dolls. Their clothes just look cheap to me and not that stylish, excluding maybe Spectra.

Rochelle I'd like if they used ribbon or lace for the ruffles on her dress. The plastic just cheapens it and ruins the look for me sadly. I didn't have a problem with it on the newest Swim Lagoona because it's fine for the beach and swim wear I think. Oh and the scarf has to go.

On the other hand I just hate Lagoona's clothes. They're way too bright and garish to me but I do know some people like that. She just doesn't look like she's going out at night time because of that shrug and those clunky boots. It just looks like a casual, going shopping with the ghouls kind of outfit.

Oh well, I guess I can't like every doll of my favorite characters. This is just nothing I'd wear for a girl's night out or to a club. Sorry for the rant.

yea thats a really unfabulous Lagoona
the other two are great though i love when they come with i coffins and little cosmetics
i do want lagoonas little accesories maybe ill get her just so i can use the clothes on other lagoonas


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