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Getting Fairest, Thronecoming and Hat-Tastic Tea Party Continuations?

GF- We still need Ashlynn, Cerise, Cedar, Cupid, Blondie, Kitty and for bonus points, Holly and Poppy. Do you think they'll release them in the new box style (that is if they're even tended to.)

Thronecoming- Cedar and the reveal-a-rays FTW.

HTTP- Raven, Kitty, Lizzie and bonus points if the Charming Bros. are put in a two-pack.

Just what I think haha.

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not gonna happen...

I could definitely see a getting fairest wave 2. It's similar to dead tired, which had more than one wave.

yeah but with their budget now they're gonna be in slim boxes and with the furniture dropped... so i'm like what's even the point...

But they'll at least be budget,which they should've been to begin with.


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